Originally, this weekend's 'Glee' convention in England was supposed to be a celebration of all things McKinley High, but after the sudden passing of Cory Monteith, the large gathering turned into a memorial for the 31-year-old actor.

Chloe Harvey, who was at the convention, said (quote via EW), "The whole day was simultaneously the best and worst experience of my life. The news was devastating. No one had any idea what to say or do." The 18-year-old continued, "It just shows how much of a truly amazing guy Cory was that everyone was so shocked and emotional about the news. Everyone was crying and sharing their stories."

There is no doubt Monteith's sudden death gave a typically joyous gathering an ominous overtone, but judging from Harvey's account of the convention, it seemed like the Gleeks were glad to be around others who were big fans of the show. Chloe-Louise Bond, who was also at the convention said, "We all woke up to hear the story, and no one really wanted to believe it was true. Walking into the main room, you could just feel the tragedy in the air, absolute strangers became a family right in that moment. Everyone was crying and hugging and just trying to get over the shock."

Organizers of the event rescheduled the course of events to convene at the Thistle Hotel in London, so all 250 attendees could mourn Cory's passing as a group.

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