The global powerhouse Shein is coming to 'Touching Down in texas, Y'all!' An exclusive pop-up experience kicks off this weekend in Houston. This is a very rare chance to finally shop in a store for typically, online-only clothing.

Online shopping became more attractive during the COVID-19 pandemic. People strayed away from roaming around indoors surrounded by strangers and an invisible illness. Instead, online shopping sales surged as people felt protected inside their own homes.


Shein is one of the most well-known online clothing sites. They offer a massive variety of low-priced clothing. A little can go a long way on this site, however, it's not all rainbows and sunshine.

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There are customer reviews left praising the clothing and detailing the quality, although there are some not-so-great reviews scattered across the site as well.

Customers disappointed in their orders vent online and warn others of the quality and difference in items compared to the online photos. The uncertainty of quality and product can scare people away from ordering online, especially if it's an item like clothing that many like to try on before buying.


However, this pop-up shop eliminates the fear of not knowing. Shein has three Texas pop-up shops kicking off with their Houston location this weekend. August 12-14 you can stop by the shop from 11 am-6 pm. Grab your cash and head to 18201 Egret Bay Blvd Ste B ⁠to finally try on the infamous Shein clothing in person.

Check out the Texas dates for Shein Pop-Ups

Houston 8/12-8/14
Dallas 8/26-8/28
Austin 9/9-9/11

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