In the battle between Grand Rapids, Michigan and Newsweek, the final blow may have been dealt by Grand Rapids.

After Newsweek called it out by naming it one of America's "dying cities," the good people in town responded with a record-breaking lip dub to the tune of ‘American Pie’ by Don McLean.

The video, shot May 22, employed a whopping 5,000 people and resulted in several roads shutting down. It paid off, though, since it's the longest and largest lip dub ever made.

Well, Newsweek seems to have gotten the message loud and clear, issuing a shout out to Grand Rapids on Facebook and trying to clear its ugly image to the city's fine citizens by claiming its spot on the dying cities list was created by "as part of a content sharing deal." Way to pass the blame, Newsweek!

Do you think Grand Rapids did a bang-up job with their lip dub? Check out these other ones to compare.

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