Gwyneth Paltrow is really glad that we're all rolling in cash despite being in the midst of the worst recession since the Great Depression, and she's celebrating in style.

The GOOP shiller has a few ideas for cute, cazh spring outfits -- absolute must-haves -- that only cost a total of about half a million dollars.

The 40-year-old Oscar winner planned out eight looks and was even considerate enough to include alternate styles in case you couldn't find certain specific items on which to break your bank.

For example, Paltrow suggests a $1,615 maxi skirt for entertaining at home. "For a night in with guests, a long skirt manages to look dressed up while still conveying a relaxed feel," she noted.

To keep it casual, Paltrow recommends an $865 Stella McCartney jersey top. Because when you've been rich since birth, well, that's casual to you.

For when you're working (and chances are you'd better be working overtime to be able to afford any of this), Paltrow suggests an $855 McQ Alexander McQueen butterfly skirt with a coordinating $225 iPad sleeve and $465 gold cuff.

It's worth noting that working -- at least in an office or outside Hollywood settings -- is something with which the silver-spooned starlet seems completely unfamiliar.

Your move, Jessica Alba.

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