Halsey and Yungblud helped out protestors who were injured during a Black Lives Matter protest earlier this week.

After being tear-gassed and shot with rubber bullets earlier in the week, Halsey returned to the front line of the Santa Monica Black Lives Matter protest with Yungblud.

The singers took medical supplies and helped treat protestors who were injured from rubber bullets and tear gas used by law enforcement.

"Do not underplay these rubber bullets [because] you have been told they are 'not lethal,'" the "Be Kind" singer tweeted. "I had to bandage a man who looked like his entire face had exploded today. So before you say, from the comfort of your home, that we’re exaggerating, please consider the injuries some have suffered."

On Twitter, Yungblud praised Halsey for the support she's been showing towards the Black Lives Matter movement. 

"I need to say @halsey [you] were incredible today," he wrote on Sunday (May 31). "[You] acted fearlessly and selflessly. [You] were so brave and inspirational. When innocent people were unlawfully wounded, [you] were there with a medical kit bandaging them up. [You] didn’t think about yourself for one moment. I am proud to know [you]."

Halsey revealed to fans that Yungblud also played a big part in helping those on the scene. "And a big personal thank you to @yungblud who literally ran exposed in front of rounds being shot to drag wounded people to safety without even thinking twice," she wrote.

Based on what Halsey saw over the weekend, she advised that those who want to help injured protestors bring the essentials, which include "alcohol, disinfectant, gauze for excessive bleeding, non-stick gauze pads and medical tape, eye pads, butterfly bandages, cold packs, Neosporin, bandage scissors, tweezers and ace bandages."

See photos of Halsey and Yungblud in action, below.

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