In an effort to help make every dollar count as part of their Texans Helping Texans campaign, H-E-B is offering free check cashing services specifically for US Treasury issued stimulus checks for those who do not have a private bank account.

H-E-B is also waiving additional fees to individuals who want to purchase or use an H-E-B prepaid Mastercard for their banking practices.

"For customers who want to manage finances electronically while in the comfort and safety of their homes, H-E-B has waived the card purchase fee and 60 days of monthly plan fees for H-E-B Prepaid cards that are purchased between April 1 and May 31. Additionally, with the H-E-B Prepaid card, customers can easily set up direct deposit, providing faster1 access to economic stimulus funds, income tax returns, unemployment benefits, Social Security benefits, and wages. Once their accounts are activated, customers are assigned a routing and account number to set up direct deposit." offers the H-E-B newsroom here.

H-E-B requires a valid and up-to-date Texas ID or Texas Driver's License to cash their stimulus check at any of their convenient locations.

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