Heidi Klum got slightly catty off the catwalk this weekend during a boozy bout with her boyfriend/bodyguard Martin Kristen.

According to WetPaint, Heidi and Martin were with a pal visiting The Spotted Pig in New York when things began getting testy.

A fellow diner reports that after the couple argued for about an hour, Heidi abruptly left the table and struggled to walk as she attempted in vain to hail a cab. (This marks the first time ever no one was paying attention to Heidi Klum.)

Unable to find a ride, Heidi returned to the restaurant but wouldn't go back to the table, opting instead to "[stand] in the doorway looking upset."

When Marty went out to talk to her, more fighting ensued and he departed alone -- leaving Heidi to return to the table and rejoin their friend (who some suspect to be 'Germany's Next Top Model' judge Thomas Hayo).

An alleged friend of Heidi's confirmed the incident, saying, "[Heidi] had one drink too many, and they had an argument. All couples have disagreements, but most don’t get recognized when they have them.”

It's a shame nobody was using Vine, because seeing how gracefully Heidi Klum walks while hammered would've been fun. Maybe with a plate on her head, too. For science.

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