Another day, another meme.

This time, Post Malone is the subject of a popular meme that came from a photo taken at one of his recent concerts. The image features the artist, who dropped his Hollywood's Bleeding album earlier this month, enthusiastically looking at a female audience member who appears to be lifting her shirt to reveal, um, something.

The photo of Posty getting flashed at one of his shows has now become a viral meme and is inspiring many people to add their own witty comments on social media. The basis of the meme centers on people using Post Malone's enthusiastic reaction to highlight things and scenarios that make them just as excited as he seems to be.

One meme shows the woman flashing Post with the overlaid text "some random dog" next to her. Next to Post is the word "Me." Pretty self-explanatory. Another meme features the overlaid text "My bank account" next to Post's shocking face image and "When I eat at home instead of going out" next to the flashing fan.

Overall, people have been getting creative with their memes. XXL compiles 30 of the most hilarious and interesting ones.

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