Car Jacking Turned Deadly

A 67-year-old hard-working man was tragically killed in Houston after a carjacking turned deadly. The victim, Carl Hayes, was a construction worker who was monitoring the area overnight.

Unnamed Suspect in His 20s

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A suspect in his 20s carjacked the 67-year-old construction worker around 3:30 am, according to police. Hayes was working overnight when his truck was stolen. As he began to flee the scene, the suspect ran him over with his own work truck.

A Word From Officials

Houston Police Department Chief Troy Finner  made the statement:

"This is a senseless incident. I don't know what the motivation is if you can even describe it. What would motivate somebody to do this?"

Continued Assault

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As if running Hayes over wasn't enough, the suspect slammed the truck into the brand new apartment building attempting to injure a concierge who ran to hide.

Unable to get access to the concierge, the suspect went for another victim. The apartment building manager came downstairs to confront the suspect but things took a turn. The 20-something-year-old went to the office manager and stabbed him.

Officers Locate the Suspect

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The suspect left the building and began walking down the street. According to, "Officers approached, engaged him, [gave] multiple commands to drop the knife. The suspect refused and charged at the officers."

In defense the officers shot at the suspect twice injuring him, however, stood up and continued towards them, ultimately getting tased and taken down.

Family Hoping For Justice

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Carl Hayes died, and the three other victims are expected to recover. The suspect was transported to a hospital to undergo surgery.

The Hayes family is hoping for justice and described Hayes as a hard-working kind man.

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