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Do you recognize this man?

Houston police are sharing a bizarre video in the hopes of identifying an enraged driver who instigates a road rage incident after the unidentified male blatantly cuts a delivery driver off on a Houston freeway then proceeds to stop in the middle of the freeway to open the delivery drivers door and punch him in the face. In the video it also looks like the driver of the SUV then backs into the delivery truck for good measure!

The entire incident was caught on film ironically on the delivery truck's dash and cab cameras.

Busted! Well, that's if Houston Police can make a positive id on the road raged driver.

Here is the KHOU11 video from Youtube.

That's not just road rage, that's also risky business!

When I first watched this video I realized I had literally dropped my jaw at the scene I had just witnessed. Outside of being exceptionally ludicrous to even attempt to open a truck cab door without the driver's permission, it seems extra risky to then punch the delivery driver in the face of his own truck. Maybe it's because we carry firearms in our vehicles, or maybe it's because he was in the middle of a busy freeway but thankfully he was not killed either way.

Now to find and arrest him.

Hopefully, Houston PD are able to find and arrest the driver of the SUV quickly.

Is there ever any excuse for road rage?

This brings us to our next question. Is there ever an excuse for road rage? What if the driver of the SUV was suffering through a psychotic episode or has a prior medical condition? What if the delivery driver had a prior incident with the SUV driver earlier on the freeway? Not to make jokes but what if the SUV driver hadn't had coffee yet? I mean I'm a huge coffee drinker and I know how I can get before I have my first cup.

Tell us on the station app your thoughts on road rage!

Tell us what you think on the station app! And remember, police advise us all that if we're ever involved in a road rage incident, be like the delivery truck driver you see on the video above and DO NOT ENGAGE. 


Based off of 2020 Data


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