With "Romeward Bound" and "The Time Travelers" under its belt 'How I Met Your Mother' will soon move full speed ahead through the final episodes of the eighth and penultimate season, beginning with Monday's all new installment "The Bro-Mitzvah." Ted and Marshall will seek to deliver Barney his dream bachelor party, but who from the past will pop up along the way? Check out two new sneak-peeks inside!

'How I Met Your Mother' will kick off the final three episodes of the season with this Monday's "The Bro-Mitzvah," and there's no way Marshall and Ted would allow for Barney's bachelor party to be any less than legend...wait for it...eh, you know.

CBS has released two full clips of the episode, the first of which suggests that 'American Horror Story' vet Frances Conroy will return as Barney's mother Loretta, while the second features Becki Newton's return as Quinn! Presumably, Barney's description of the perfect bachelor party took place during his time with Quinn, but it's easy to overlook with Barney rattling off so many "bro-ffensive" appropriations of his "Bro-Mitzvah."

We're still counting on some major surprises before the season is out, but in the meantime check out the clips from Monday's all-new episode "The Bro-Mitzvah" below, and give us your predictions for 'How I Met Your Mother's eighth season finale in the comments!