Yesterday was brutally cold in the Crossroads, by early evening it was already 37 degrees. We braved and then battled the outdoors for just a few minutes, bundled from head to toe to grab firewood for a living room fire. We cursed the cold as soon as we made it back inside. Grabbing firewood only took a minute but the air was like needles on our hands and feet.

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Tonight it will be even colder, inching towards freezing temperatures with a low expected at 30 degrees.

We often ask the community to be sure to protect the three P's during freezing temperature warnings. Protect your pets, your plants, and your pipes.

Yesterday's brutal chill brought us time for pause. What about another P?  What about the people in our community less fortunate than we are? Our homeless population?

Midcoast Family Services is requesting donations right now to be able to offer hotel stays for those that will need a warm place to sleep and shower during extreme weather conditions. With social distancing and coronavirus concerns, MFS is inhibited from offering a "warming center," at this time.

MidCoast Family Services's mission is to empower children, individuals, and families to live a life free from family violence, homelessness, sexual assault, and substance abuse.

Working with local hotels and the community, Midcoast Family Services is asking for donations to expand the idea of "warming centers' for the homeless which include families and children, that we consider making a donation for a hotel room instead.

If you are able to contribute, please call 361. 575.7842, or stop by MFC at 111 S Liberty to drop by a monetary donation and or to get more information on how we can protect our less fortunate community members, our homeless population.

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