The world was entirely rocked yesterday. The incomprehensible damage has been done after 19 innocent beautiful young lives were senselessly lost as well as 2 caring and courageous teachers. We mourn as a state for the parents who never got to pick up their children and the families that will forever live with the pain.

After yesterday's tragic event, people are gathering together to begin to help the families of those beautiful souls who are no longer here. Hillcrest Memorial Funeral Home and Rushing-Estes-Knowles Mortuary Uvalde have announced no families of the victims will be charged for their funeral service. Verified Gofundme accounts have been set up to give families one less thing to worry about.



Jayce Carmelo Luevanos

Jayce was a 10-year-old Robb Elementary student. His family is raising $18,000 to cover funeral expenses. The Luevanos family also lost Jayce’s cousin Jailah Nicole Silguero in the school shooting. The money will help lay this precious boy to rest.

Xavier Javier Lopez

Lopez was a 10-year-old honor roll student. His mother attended his awards ceremony at school just hours before the shooting occurred. The $17,000 goal has already been reached, but you can still donate to help with other methods of support the family may need.

Irma Garcia

This account is for one of the fourth-grade teachers that was killed. She is described as “sweet, kind, loving. Fun with the greatest personality.” Funds are to be used for funeral costs and to cover her family’s needs. The $30,000 goal has already been reached, but you can absolutely continue to donate.

Robb Elementary Memorial Fund

The Uvalde School District announced on Twitter that they’ve started a bank account for donations with First State Bank of Uvalde. You can donate at any First State Bank branch. Checks have to be in the name of the Robb School Memorial Fund, and you can mail them to 200 E Nopal St. Uvalde, TX 78801. For Zelle donations, you can use

Los Verdes Supporter Group

 In the wake of this tragedy, Los Verdes is raising funds for the families of the victims and working with Uvalde’s city council members to guarantee donations go directly to the families in need. You can help Los Verdes meet their goal of $65,000 in donations.


VictimsFirst is a network of families and survivors dedicated to helping victims of mass casualty crimes. All donations will be distributed directly to the victims, cash payments “with no strings attached.” Victims First will distribute the funds either along with the City of Uvalde and the National Compassion Fund, or by themselves. So far they have smashed past their $100,000 goal, but you can continue to donate.


Never forget their names

  • Annabelle Guadalupe
  • Tess Mata
  • Uziyah Garcia
  • Neveah Bravo
  • Rojelio Torres
  • Jailah Nicole Siguero
  • Makenna Elrod
  • Miranda Mathis
  • Jose Flores
  • Maite Yuleana
  • Lexi Rubio
  • Jayce Carmelo Luevanos
  • Eliahana Torres
  • Ellie Garcia
  • Alithia Ramirez


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