It's been a long time coming, but Xtina's lotus is finally ready to bloom once more—as soon as Friday, if rumors prove true!

Christina Aguilera will allegedly return with brand new music on May 4, multiple sources claim.

Over the weekend, eagle-eyed fans attending Aguilera's April 28 performance in Baku, Azerbaijan were treated to what appeared to be an album preview/promotional clip during a concert interlude.

The cryptic clip also hinted that the pop star's forthcoming eighth full-length studio album may be titled Liberation, with the singer repeating the word over and over while never-before-scene footage played.

On Twitter the following day (April 29), Aguilera shared yet another mysterious clip, this time of twelve VHS-style screens—twelve for 12-song track list?—each playing a different fragmented video. The first featured the caption "LIBER-XX-10," potentially a nod to the record's rumored title track.

Meanwhile, some believe a track called "Accelerate" may release as soon as Friday (May 4), just days after she attended the Grand Prix in Azerbaijan. (Coincidence? Or strategically timed, motorsport-themed song title?)

Aguila's last album, 2012's Lotus, was released six years ago.

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