You've Got To Check Out This Awesome Floating Water Park In Texas!

If you are looking for something new to do with your family in Texas, you've got to check out this fantastic floating water park in Texas. It's the Lake Travis Waterloo Adventures in Leander and it's freaking over-the-top fun!

It's still open through Labor Day! 

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Lake Travis Waterloo Adventures is the place to be in 2023!

Dubbed a "revolutionary floating water park" families can play the day away challenging each other on the Challenge Course and Private Island Getaway! Then you can test your agility on over 2 football fields of pulse-pounding obstacles.

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Sound like a physical activity for a water park?

Well, you're not wrong, but there are tons to do for the more "laid back" crowd at Lake Travis Waterloo Adventure, like a boat ride out to the waterpark, leisure strolls along the lakeside, places to get some sun with a beautiful view and there are even floating picnic tables for a leisure lunch too.

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One of the best parts about Lake Travis Waterloo Adventure?

Reservations Required!

This waterpark won't be overcrowded like some of the more well-known water parks in Texas because this floating waterpark adventure requires reservations! And that means your family has a time slot secured for some of the biggest floating obstacle course you've likely seen in your life!

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What's the downside?

According to the website, which you can view here, "Guests must be at least 7 years old & 45” tall to enter the Park. Also, it's credit card ONLY for refreshments. 

Still, this looks like one unique family adventure in Texas. Let's go!

Just check out their video on Youtube!

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