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It's September y'all, and we are still dealing with triple-digit heat, but it looks like a reprieve is right around the corner!  

Today's high in the Crossroads of South Texas is  AGAIN expected to hit serious triple digits with a forecast of a  blistering 106-degree high today!

 Weather reports from multiple sources indicate next week we will see a much-needed break from the BURN with highs in South Texas only reaching 95 degrees and lower! 

Get your Uggs out Texas!

attachment-Screenshot 2023-09-05 090847

What to wear for Halloween is always a guess in Texas and we aren't talking about who or what we are going to be dressed as, we are talking about the weather.

Will it be hot or cold for South Texans? Texans never know if they will be sweating to death on Halloween night in a heavy costume or if it will be cold and we find we are underdressed and freezing!

Caucasian Boy Wearing A Giraffe Costume And Frowning On Halloween
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If you are from South Texas, you know what I'm saying is 100 percent on point.

With El Niño continuing to develop in the Pacific Ocean we could expect to see it impacting our weather pattern more as the fall season gets into full swing, but remember September is right snack dab in the middle of our historic busiest hurricane season.

Be hurricane ready! 

It's always good to err on the side of caution. Be sure to discuss with your insurance representative about flood and wind damage. Bankrate offers, "Many policies include exclusions, and it’s not uncommon to need endorsements or separate policies for certain types of coverage."

Now what we need is some dang RAIN!!!

A troubled young man walking into the light

Will it last? Well, it turns out, that snow is coming to Texas!

First Indoor Ski Resort Is Headed to Texas






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