Many of us have seen some pretty intimidating interchanges in San Antonio and Houston. I mean 281 and 410 in San Antonio is pretty intimidating because the bridges are so high.  Houston is even worse! However, the High Five Interchange in Dallas, Texas has been recognized as one of the largest freeway interchanges in the world, and its impressive

The High Five Interchange features five levels of bridges where Interstate 635 and Interstate 75 converge. There is a total of 43 bridges within this interchange. The heights of the bridges reach 12 stories and have a total of 710 support tiers.


LEVEL 1: US 75, a six-lane highway, with three lanes going each way

LEVEL 2: This is the junction of the two six-lane frontage roads, each having three through lanes in each direction, left-turn lanes, and turnarounds, and easy access to US 75 and I-635

LEVEL 3: I-635 has 10 regular lanes, five going each way, and four HOV lanes (two going each way) separated by barriers

LEVELS 4 & 5: The top two levels are called Direct Connection Ramp. These are ramps to replace left exits

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