A North Texas woman has been arrested and charged with assault. 33-year-old Whitney, Paige Moffet was arrested after physically attacking a manager at a Wing Stop and a Randall County deputy over the weekend. The reason? Her DoorDash delivery was taking too long.


According to this article, It was discovered that Moffett works as a DoorDash delivery driver and became upset when her order wasn't ready when she arrived. Whitney entered the kitchen where she attacked the manager when she was asked to leave. The manager tried to escort her out of the store but she continued to fight and attack him when the off-duty deputy saw the altercation and stepped in. She assaulted him, too.  This happened at an Amarillo, Texas, wingstop location. Moffett was arrested and taken to the Randall County Detention Center for assault causing bodily injury and resisting arrest.

[VIDEO] Is This the Fastest Traffic Light in the State of Texas?

A traffic light in North Texas has gone viral for how quickly it turns from green to red. It literally stays green for ONE SECOND! Check out the viral TikTok posted by texasrockbugie that has been viewed almost 3 million times. The traffic light is located in Keller, Texas.  Do you think is a technical glitch or actually how fast the traffic light is?

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The Fastest Speeding Ticket in TX Clocked at an Insane 201 MPH

According to a report from TheDrive, the fastest speeding ticket issued in Texas was given to a driver going an insane 201 mph in a 75 mph limit. Texas has the fastest posted speeding limit in the country but it sure isn't 200 mph. Check out a list of the 10 fastest speeding tickets issued in Texas.


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#10: 146 mph in a 65 mph zone

  • Vehicle: 2019 Kawasaki ZX-10R
  • Road: I-369 in Bowie County 

#9: 147 mph in a 75 mph zone

  • Vehicle: Infiniti G35
  • Road: I-635 Express Tunnel in Dallas County 

#8: 147 mph in a 65 mph zone

  • Vehicle: 2022 Chevrolet Corvette
  • Road:  Chisholm Trail Parkway in Tarrant County 

#7: 147 mph in a 65 mph zone

  • Vehicle: 2012 Yamaha R1
  • Road:  US-180 in Parker County 

#6: 148 mph in a 55 mph zone

  • Vehicle: 2022 Chevrolet Corvette
  • Road:  FM-723 in Ford Bend County 
  • Notes: Had a special plate on vehicle that does not return to that vehicle

#5: 150 mph in a 70 mph zone

  • Vehicle: 2020 Chevrolet Corvette
  • Road:  President George Bush Turnpike in Dallas County 

#4: 150 mph in a 65 mph zone

  • Vehicle: 2016 Yamaha YZF
  • Road:  SH-228 in Brazoria County 
  • Traffic: Heavy
  • Notes: My radar only picked up his speed at 127 mph, however when I was traveling 150 mph [defendant] was pulling away from me due travel

#3: 150 mph in a 75 mph zone

  • Vehicle: 2015 Dodge Charger
  • Road:  I-69C in Hidalgo County 

#2: 155 mph in a 70 mph zone

  • Vehicle: 2022 Yamaha YZF
  • Road:  Sam Rayburn Tollway in Collin County
  • Notes: Rider failed to stop and continued to pass a few exits before taking Parkwood thinking I was out of sight

#1: 201 mph in a 75 mph zone

  • Vehicle: 2018 Dodge Charger
  • Road: I-10 in Gonzales County
  • Notes: Checked by radar who was providing courtesy ride.

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