Yellowstone actor Forrie J. Smith, famous for his role as Lloyd Pierce, was removed from a flight in Houston because he did not want to sit next to another passenger wearing a mask. According to Click 2, when the airline decided to remove him from the flight, the actor went to his Instagram account to tell everyone, "I just got kicked off a plane, and, uh, where the hell am I at?"

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The 65-year-old actor then posted the airline crew thought he was drunk. He told them he wasn't uncomfortable sitting beside someone wearing a mask.


"I've been sitting in an airport for three hours. Yeah, I'm drinking," Smith said.

The actor vented his frustration in the video, holding the public responsible for not echoing his anti-mask sentiments.

"I ain't drunk, but they throw me off the plane because I'm drunk because you people won't stand up and tell everybody what bulls--t this is," Smith said.

The actor previously expressed his anti-vaccine stance when he chose not to attend the 2022 Screen Actors Guild Award ceremony with his castmates due to the vaccination requirement for COVID-19.

This situation has too many twists and turns, lol. The actor says he was removed from the flight because he had to sit next to a masked passenger but then publically states that the airline crew "thought I was drunk." Then, he mentioned he had a 3-hour wait for his flight, and "I've been sitting in an airport for three hours. Yeah, I'm drinking."

“I just told them I didn’t feel comfortable about sitting next to somebody that had to wear a mask, and I’m off the plane,” Smith said, ending his Instagram post.

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