If you are like many, you have some cash and other valuables hidden out of sight in your home. A secret spot that would be the last place a criminal would look.

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Several reasons for hiding things out of sight are stuffing cash away for a vacation or storing family keepsakes and valuable documents. If you are hoping your hiding spot isn't on this list, you might be surprised.

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Texas Has More Burglaries Than Any Other State

According to Agilerates.com Texas has the most total number of home break-ins. Statistically we don't make the top 10, but in sheer number of events, we are number one.

FBI data from 2021 reported that Texas had 91,628 burglaries. The next highest state was Washington with 39,475.

Scared home owner calling police after robbery in the night

Break-Ins Are On The Decline In Texas

That number may sound high to you, but burglaries in Texas have been in a state of decline for years. We are getting a little safer year after year, but there is still a lot of work to do.

Most break-ins happen when you are away at work for the day. I guess working from home is looking like a win-win for more than one reason now.

Think Like A Criminal And Hide Your Belongings 

We are all going to have to get a little creative as you can see from this list. Take a look and see if your spot is listed. If it is, you might need to dig a random hole in the yard.

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