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    • Barbie® Party Time
    • Barbie hits theaters Friday, July 21, 2023
    • Themed events are popping up all over Texas

Everyone 12 and up is ready for "Barbie: The Movie" to hit theaters. There has been a large buzz around this movie, and it is creating events and themed happenings all over Texas.

According to keranews.org, EVO Entertainment in Southlake is turning its movie theater into Destination Barbie Land. They are also doing a dress-up party for the premiere with a special gift for everyone.

The Galleria Dallas Ice Skating Center is having a Barbiecore skate night with music you will swear was selected by Barbie herself.  Be there Saturday, July 22, 2023 from 6 - 8 PM for all the fun.

Go A Step Further And Rent A Barbie Themed Airbnb In Texas

If you are in the Waco area there is an A-framed Airbnb that is just slathered in pink. You'll feel like Barbie and Ken having the time of their lives.

Unlike in the movie, you will be escaping the real world instead of trying to get in. You could get away with the gals and glam it up for an entire weekend.

You must really, really love pink because it is on almost every surface except for the white popcorn ceilings. There are pink floors, walls, decorations, and curtains. Even the mailbox is pink.

There is a hot tub, so you can live out your Malibu Barbie dreams in this landlocked location. See for yourself in the photos below, and find out if this spot is the perfect place to live out your Barbie fantasy.

Pretty In Pink. Rent An All Pink A-Frame Home In Waco On Airbnb

If you're looking for a 'girly girl' place for a girl's weekend, this cute little A-frame home listed on Airbnb in Waco is the perfect destination.

30 Pictures of the Pinkest Airbnb Mansion You've Ever Seen

The Pink Castle -

"A gorgeous Victorian mansion built in 1883, filled to the brim with over the top lavish glamour and lots and lots of PINK. You can even rent a pink escalade, or a pink moped with eye lashes for an additional fee!

The 4,400 square foot home includes a workout room, WiFi, full kitchen, living room, entertaining room, cabin style attic and 3 very unique spacious bed rooms with a upper cabin feel attic which can hold 3 beds in each wing! More beds can be added upon request.

Also we can’t stop there... speaking of relaxing with adult beverages. The Coochy Cabana Pool house is where you can set up your bar while chilling pool side. Equipped with a lounging sofa, a bar area, a surf board for an outside bar table, and bar stools and TV.
Hiring a bartender to tend you drinks is available on ala carte."

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