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  • Over one hundred children who went missing in Texas in 2023 have not been found.
  • The National Center For Missing and Exploited Children still has posters up for 113 kids missing since January 1, 2023.
  • Scroll down to the provided photos to see children who went missing in Texas in 2023.

Hundreds of children go missing every year in the state of Texas. Some are found, and others are never heard from again.

2023 was another year that many children went missing in Texas. Some cases that date back to this time last year have yet to be resolved.

The National Center For Missing and Exploited Children helped with thousands of cases across the nation in 2023. They say that 98 percent of missing children who are never found are runaways or family abductions.

Texans Do Our Part To Help Find These Missing Children 

When cases like these drag on for months and years, it's hard to keep the names and little faces top of mind for many of us. That is why I always take the time to go through all of the photos and try to externalize them.

Children have been found after being missing for a decade or longer. There is no reason to give up hope, so we just have to raise awareness.

No matter what the situation of these runaway children's homes, being out in the world without your family opens you up to a world of crime and abductions at a very young age.

Take a look at the photos for December and see if you recognize any of the children.

MISSING: These 24 Texas Children Went Missing In December

Help us find these children who have been reported as missing from December. These missing kids are from all over Texas including missing kids from Dallas, Houston, Lubbock, El Paso, San Antonio and more. Look through the pictures and see if you recognize any of them.

Gallery Credit: Chad Hasty

Help Police and These 26 Texas Families Find Their Kids Who Missed Christmas in 2023

Help these 26 Texas families, and 3 East Texas families, who are looking for their missing teens. 

Gallery Credit: National Center for Missing and Exploited Children


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