You can thank Texas for having less trash on your highways.

Did You Know Adopt a Highway Was Invented in Texas?

A man by the name of James Evans was shocked to see the amount of trash that Texans kept in the back of their pickup trucks. He would constantly see it flying out of the back of trucks while cruising around town. He came up with an idea that would quickly spread across the country to help incentivize people to pick up trash along the highway.

The First Ever Adopted Highway in Texas

If you drive down Highway 69 in Tyler, Texas. You will see this sign that shows the first ever adopted highway in America. On March 9, 1985 The Tyler Civitan Club adopted the first highway in Texas. So what does this mean? Well the group gets some advertising along the highway and they agree to pickup trash four times a year on this two mile stretch of highway.

Vermont is the Only State That Doesn't Allow Adopted Highways

Since 1985, this program that started in Texas quickly swept the nation. Except for one, Vermont. They have something called Green Up Day every year where people come together on one day to clean up the highways. Hey Vermont, get on the adopt a highway program!

How Many Highways Are Adopted in Texas?

Around 6,800 miles in Texas have been adopted through the program and I know that sounds like a lot, but that is only 8% of the roadways in the state. So we still have a lot of highways that could use a sponsor. If you're interested in signing up, check out TXDOT website.

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