I don't get it. I just don't. If you do something wrong and the police are coming for you, what do you do? What should you do? Am I crazy to think how much easier life will be if you just face the music?

Why do people think it is a good idea to try to run? How often does that actually work out? Then when you do get caught, the police do have their ways. Then the charges are even more. Who needs that?

First, of course, I recommend not doing anything that would cause the police to even take notice of you. That is the smartest thing. If you do something wrong and they start chasing you just pull over. Just do it. That is the easiest and least costly thing for you.

Not all police chases end with tire strips and blown-out tires. Sometimes they end much more tragically. That is what happened recently in the Dallas area.

A stolen car is what started this chase. The police in Irving were trying to get the driver to pull over recently. For whatever reason that was not what he was going to do. The police chase that started in Irving ended in downtown Dallas.

If you have driven in the Dallas area and on their highways they are not always the easiest to navigate anyway. Now imagine being chased by the police. That is when the car has to speed up and hang on for dear life. This doesn't end well for the driver. He was not the only casualty.

This driver was not able to do that. He ended up driving the stolen vehicle off the highway. It crashed and caught on fire. His choices ended up with four deaths. Again a lot more costly than if he had just pulled over.

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