As an animal lover, my social media feed is typically taken over by a variety of adorable critters. Recently, a certain giraffe popped up named Finn, and it turns out he lives here in Texas.

Fin was born earlier this year, and he has quite the following on Instagram. He lives at Highpoint Haven in Pilot Point, Texas, and at only 46 days old, he already has so much loveable personality.

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Highpoint Haven is focused on creating a space of awareness, education, enrichment, and conservation for giraffes. The program is a part of the exotics department of Highpoint Performance Horses. Along with the giraffes, they also have deer, kangaroos, a camel, and a variety of birds.

On the Instagram account, Finn’s story is shared with comedic voiceovers and heartwarming footage. You see how he interacts with the other residents, what his daily life looks like, and what shenanigans he gets himself into as he grows up.

The account originally belonged to Finn’s pal Gerald, as the account’s name suggests. However, Finn is such a star that he had to take over and become the main focus of the account.

With 218 thousand followers, he is enjoying the spotlight and sharing his story with all of us. If you are an animal fan or simply love great Texas-based content, I highly suggest checking out this account.

If you are interested in giraffe conservation, is a great resource and way to get involved with saving these beautiful animals from extinction.

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