A man visiting Galveston, TX, unearthed a diamond wedding ring after a month of searching from the owner.

In late March, Deysi Maldonado was visiting a beach house off the shore of Galveston, when, somehow, her wedding ring slipped off in the sand, sparking immediate panic. What ensued was weeks of searching, including the recruitment of a local metal-detecting group, the Galveston Island Treasure Club.

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First of all, I have never heard of a metal detecting enthusiast club, but now that I have, how can I immediately sign up? But, I digress.

What actually happened was that the ring was found by a Louisiana couple visiting the Galveston coast who happened upon it by accident when clearing off seashells from an old fishing net.

Caleb Brignac told Fox26 News, "I went in and I just grabbed a handful of them and I just threw them across the beach, and when I threw them, you can just see the ring fly out with the shells."

Once the couple identified the ring, with help from the Galveston Island Treasure Club, the group was able to connect the two couples and return the lost ring to the rightful owner!

I'm telling you, we'd be lost without honest people like these wonderful humans.

Now, this treasure-hunting group is not just a hobby that some pick up on the weekends, detector in hand. The Galveston Island Treasure Club is devoted to recovering lost items around the Galveston coast, assisting law enforcement, and even doing their part in picking up the trash that magically appears from lovely human beings on the beach.

Please keep track of all jewelry that you keep on your person when visiting beaches. You never know when knights in shining metal detectors will come to save the day. I won't assume the worst of people... every time, that is, but not everyone will return a diamond ring that may look better on their own finger, or in their bank account.

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