George Clooney is gushing about his wife Amal after recently dissing her cooking skills.

During an appearance on U.K. talk show Lorraine, the 62-year-old Hollywood legend was asked if he attended The Fashion Awards by Pandora, which his 45-year-old wife recently made an appearance at.

"Do I look like I was at a fashion award [show]?" Clooney joked, before praising his wife. "If I'm in a picture with my wife, they do cut me out. No, I wasn't there, I sadly missed the fashion awards, which really cuts me there [points to his heart]."

"They always say, 'George was nice enough to hold the umbrella for his gorgeous wife.' She is a force of nature and so homely, but we do what we can, we survive," he joked.

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The Descendants star, who married the human rights lawyer in 2014, recently spilled that despite being "brilliant," Amal's skills in the kitchen are nowhere near her expertise in court.

“My wife, who is a brilliant lawyer – she’s one of the great advocates of the world... she takes on ISIS and all these things – but I better be doing the cooking, or we will all die," Clooney told Extra.

The couple share 6-year-old twins Alexander and Ella. When asked whether his children have an understanding of who their father is, Clooney told the outlet that they have “no concept at all."

“At one point the other day, one of the kids at school told our kid that I was famous. And my son said, ‘Papa, what’s famous?’” the actor added.

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