The Golden Bachelor star Gerry Turner charmed viewers the instant the show's first season premiered Thursday (Sept. 28) on ABC.

The newest iteration of the Bachelor franchise introduced 72-year-old Gerry Turner, the series' first-ever senior bachelor, as he was introduced to 22 single women ages 60 to 75.

One of the most memorable entrances came from Leslie, 64, who entered in a nightgown while disguised with a wig and walker before revealing her true appearance in a little black dress.

Another notable entrance came from Patty, 70, whose son, Matt James, was a former Bachelor star.

Turner enchanted the women during the rose ceremony later in the episode. "It’s difficult to look at women as wonderful as you and know that not all of you will be here tomorrow," he said.

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Meanwhile, viewers were captivated by Turner's disarming charm, emotional vulnerability and sweet personality.

Many also praised the show for its representation of senior life, particularly celebrating how the episode began with Turner activating his hearing aids.

Other viewers complained they wished the episode was longer.

"Why do we only get one hour of #TheGoldenBachelor but two hours of #BachelorinParadise? @MSmitty11 and I petition to make Golden Bachelor longer!" one Twitter user posted.

The Golden Bachelor airs Thursdays at 8PM ET/PT on ABC.

Below, check out more viewer reactions to Episode 1 of The Golden Bachelor.

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