A man on Reddit was dragged after belittling his wife for playing pretend princess with their young daughter.

"For the past several months, she [my wife] has been eerily acting like a child. I understand that she’s playing with our daughter, but it comes across as weird to me to the degree that she plays the role," he wrote via Reddit.

He explained that his daughter asked him to make her a pizza, which prompted his wife to ask for one as well, since she was "a princess too."

"I told her no, you’re an adult, not a princess. I’ll make you one, but you’re an adult," he continued, to which his wife laughed "nervously" and told him "never mind."

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"Our daughter heard and said 'Dad, mom is a princess too.' I just said hmm hmm, agreeing; but I didn’t want to have to explain to her," he recalled.

The man added that he felt bad because his wife "changed out of her princess clothes," but he maintains he didn't do anything wrong.

In the comments section, Reddit users slammed the man for shutting his wife down, especially since she was playing with their child and encouraging their daughter to use her imagination.

"The only correct 'no' response to 'I'm a princess too' was 'No you're not, you're a queen,'" one person wrote.

"He could have joined the game as a member of the royal court, but he decided to be a killjoy instead," someone else commented.

"Your wife was having a nice time and you crushed her vibe and told her she’s not a princess which from the man you love means something. Loosen up and play the Prince Charming with her next time. You’ll probably enjoy the outcome greatly by building her up rather than ripping her down," another suggested.

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