Nick Lachey's latest TikTok has gone viral after fans deemed it as "cringey" as Ken's guitar serenade in the Barbie movie.

Lachey's acoustic cover of Halsey's "Without Me" is taking the heat of more than 5 million viewers. The video even caused "Nick Lachey singing ick" to trend on the video-sharing app.

"I used to do something called #MusicMonday where I’d drop weekly covers. Should I bring it back to TikTok? Let me know," Lachey innocently wrote in the caption of the TikTok video before fans began absolutely roasting it.

Watch below:

In the comments section, viewers absolutely clowned Lachey for his doing-too-much cover.

"The Die Hard poster is peak Mojo Dojo Casa House," one person commented, referring to Ken's transformation of Barbie's dream house in the 2023 film.

"The guy at the party who starts singing 'Wonderwall' vibes," someone else joked.

And of course, there were some 98 Degrees jokes.

"Someone said, 'It’s giving lukewarm 78 degrees,'" one viewer wrote.

Even language learning app Duolingo got in on the roasting, commenting, "You are Kennough ([please] don’t serenade me again)" in a reference to Ryan Gosling's over-the-top Ken in Barbie.

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Others noted that it seemed like singing the cover took a lot of effort for Lachey.

"Someone said, 'It looks like he is riding an imaginary horse in slow motion' and I can’t unsee it lol," one viewer commented.

"It looks like it physically hurts for him. The straining," someone else noted.

And one person represented us all with a comment about living out our pop star daydreams, writing, "Me at 3AM pretending I’m a pop star doing an acoustic set."

Lachey's video also inspired a number of duet videos, with one person comparing the clip to a guy trying to impress a girl on a date with his awkward singing.

"When you're on a [third] date and he whips out a guitar and says he's 'never done this before,'" the caption of that video reads.

Even celebrities got in on the action, with Nickelodeon star Josh Peck poking fun at the video.

"When your homie bares his soul and you're a ride or die friend," he captioned his own duet.

Lachey has so far not responded to the jokes and backlash toward his performance.

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