When is your favorite time to hit the supermarket or other big box stores?

There's a reason why stores have busy times when everyone shops because it's usually the weekend or evenings after work. So when we can be flexible and do some shopping or get those errands finished during off-hours it feels so good.

No crowds during those off-hours mean a peaceful shopping experience at stores like Target where lines are the last thing you need to worry about and let's be honest, it's waiting in long lines that can be the most frustrating part of shopping. While many of us abhor self-checkout it's become commonplace and often doesn't have long lines or the lines tend to move quickly by limiting items.

Now, Target stores around the country are causing long lines during off hours at the regular check-out counters because they're closing the self-checkouts early even though they only have a couple of people working the registers according to The US Sun.

Ugh, can you imagine? You go to Target at night for example yet you have to wait in a long line even though the store is basically empty?

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While most Target stores open around 7 or 8 am and close around 10 or 11 pm the self-checkouts are closed during various off-hours throughout the day according to The US Sun and many close for the day at 8 pm. Of course, it's during those same off-hours where staffing is minimal as well.

Shoplifting is the main reason according to the Business Insider website as missing inventory has increased over the last year or two overall. In some cases, the self-checkout closes for the day at 6 pm according to MSN.

At least now you know so when you plan to do some shopping at Target, you may be able to avoid crowds but not those long lines.

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