An Ohio homeowner who returned to find her house in disarray from her daughter's wild party has gone to the media after getting sent photos of her missing decorative goose.

"This is awful. Like, they took it to the next level," Bridget Strahin told WKRC while holding a copy of a photo showing her porch goose, Betty, being held captive in someone's bedroom.

Teen Party Creates Widespread Damage To Home

You need to understand that when you read "wild party" earlier in this article, it wasn't some half-hearted attempt to shake a finger at today's youth en route to sharing the story. This was an a true all-out rager with more than 100 people in attendance after her daughter put an invite up on SnapChat.

During a two-minute video clip from her interview with the TV station, Strahin details the destruction to her home while she was away.

  • Cups were glued to the kitchen counters
  • Countertops were detached from the wall
  • A guitar was broken in half
  • Holes were smash into the ceiling
  • Alcohol containers were heaping out of the trashcan and across the floor

"Somebody ate my plant and threw it up," Strahin told a reported from WKRC.

There was one incident connected to the party, however, that sent Strahin and hundreds of strangers from social media on a wild goose chase. (Sorry, it had to be done.)

Justice For Betty The Porch Goose

In the middle of the disaster, Strahin noticed Betty was missing. The decorative goose, known for being gussied up with T-shirts and friendship bracelets to look like a Taylor Swift fan, had been a gift.

"I love her so much," Stahin said in the interview.

Not only was Betty nowhere to be found, she was being held hostage. Strahin soon started receiving messages from the goose's captors.

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The mom went to her daughter's SnapChat to demand answers from those at the party. More messages were sent showing Betty in an unfamiliar place.

Then, the internet got involved. People started creating TikTok videos trying to uncover clues about Betty's whereabouts. A Facebook group was made for people to share words of encouragement and stories of their own decorative creatures and issues with their unruly teens.

Eventually, Betty was found on the porch of a home. Her Swifty shirt had been shredded, but the rest of the goose seemed to be unharmed.

Betty is now back home as Strahin continues to hear from people on social media who followed her stolen Swifty goose story.

With Betty now in her Safe At Home Era, she's even sporting some fresh Taylor Swift-inspired apparel.


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