A woman took drastic measures to save her beloved French bulldog from a thief in Los Angeles, Calif.

The incident happened Jan. 18 outside of a Whole Foods grocery store when a woman approached dog owner Ali Zacharias and snatched her pet.

The dog, named Onyx, was carried by the woman to a white car being driven by someone else.

Heroically, Zacharias was not going to let the thieves get away with snatching Onyx. She jumped onto the hood of the car and clung as it sped down a busy L.A. street.

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"I was like, 'I'm not letting this car go,' so I just held onto the windshield wipers. Before I knew it we were driving down the block and picking up speed and I was freaking out for my life suddenly," Zacharias told CBS News.

A video of the incident has also gone viral showing Zacharias hanging onto the hood of the car.

"When he pulled the leash, I thought he wanted to just go smell something so I let go. I look up and a woman's holding him and walking away with him. So I stood in front of the car and I said, 'You cannot leave. You have my dog.' They started to drive into me and they drive into me until I fall on their hood. And I fall on the hood and I said, 'I'm not leaving. I'm not leaving until you give me my dog.' And they started to drive off," Zacharias explained to NBC News of the ordeal in a TikTok video showing her clinging to the car.

Unfortunately, Zacharias' courageous efforts to rescue her adorable pup were fruitless. She held on for about a block before the car swerved and threw her off, leaving her with some minor cuts and bruises. Onyx is still missing.

"Whatever I'm doing, I'm just sad that like I'm not doing with Onyx, or that he's missing out. You know, I'm grocery shopping and thinking like I'm not buying anything for him, and I mean the time has gone so quickly. I feel like this just happened. And yet it's already 10 days," she said.

According to CBS, the Los Angeles Police Department is actively investigating the crime, including reviewing security footage.

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