There's many options for food in the state of Texas.

Sometimes however, one isn't able to sit down and eat. Whether it be the fact that one doesn't have the time do so, or the eatery just isn't one of their favorites. So someone may simply run to a fast food eatery to grab something quick.

With many options to choose from fast food wise, places of business have to have options to draw an individual in to eat. Sometimes the food item may be something one might not expect to see on the menu. One of those places we'll be talking about is none other than Taco Bell.

What could Taco Bell be testing that one could not expect to see? Well, it involves chicken, but not in the form you'd think.

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Taco Bell Is Testing This New Item Involving Chicken?


It might be safe to say that some wouldn't ever see chicken nuggets on the menu for Taco Bell, but it set to happen soon. But before the item is placed on the menu, it has to go through a test phase. Yes, the phase is indeed happening in the Lone Star State.

But if one wants to try the item in question, you'll have to be in a certain part of Texas. Specifically, it's the city of Houston that has been given the honor to try them, according to Parade.

They even come with a choice to sauces to have with them. But still, it is surprising that Taco Bell of all places is going to have chicken nuggets on their menu.

Are you going to try these in Texas? Let us know by sending us a message using the chat feature on our FREE station app!

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