Texas is full of amazing bands. It doesn't matter if you listen to rock, punk, alternative, metal, etc... there will be incredible bands from every genre no matter where you go in the Lone Star State. But who exactly are the most popular bands from Texas?

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Some of the biggest bands you'll find in Texas

Of course we have bands that represent classic rock:

  • ZZ Top from Houston, Texas
  • The Fabulous Thunderbirds from Austin, Texas
  • The Crickets from Lubbock, Texas (the band that would give us the legendary Buddy Holly)

Metal is FULL of amazing bands:

  • Arlington's Pantera
  • Drowning Pool from Dallas, Texas
  • Polyphia from Plano, Texas

The world of punk has given greats like:

  • At The Drive-In from El Paso, Texas
  • Dirty Rotten Imbeciles from Houston, Texas
  • The Riverboat Gamblers from Denton, Texas

And there are some that are sadly no longer making music but still has given us some great memories like the Sons of Texas or The Sword. And that's just scratching the surface...

It's impossible to list every single one but there's no doubt that the world has seen several bands represent Texas on the grandest of stages. Whether it's given us some great songs that became one hit wonders, or they BECAME wonders themselves.

So while this isn't a complete list of ALL the popular bands in Texas, this is a good starting point on bands that have made their marks on music history for Texas, and indeed the entire world...

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