Fortunately, El Paso doesn't have any TGI Friday's so, no job losses here. 4 Texas locations, and many others across the country, are being closed though.

TGI Friday's is a huge restaurant chain with 850 locations around the world, 278 of which are here in the United States of America.

The New Jersey TGI Friday's spots took the biggest hit with 7 restaurant closings while Texas is losing a total of 4.

We don't have any TGI Friday's in the 915 and the Texas stores that are closing are pretty far from us. The closest one of all to El Paso is almost 600 miles from here.

The Texas locations being closed are in Corpus Christi, North Arlington, Houston and The Woodlands.

Why Are TGI Friday's Closing?

TGI Fridays confirmed Wednesday that it was closing 36 "underperforming locations" in 12 states as "part of the brand's ongoing growth strategy." The company also announced it was selling eight previously corporate-owned restaurants in the northeast to its former CEO Ray Blanchette. - wfaa

TGI Friday's was sued by a lady in Illinois about a year ago for (allegedly) using cheddar cheese in their mozzerella sticks. Yes, a judge actually allowed this case to proceed.

Not sure if this "cheesy" lawsuit had anything to do with the closings but hopefully, for the sake of their employees, there won't be any more. (Closings or lawsuits.)

Meanwhile, here in El Chuco, restaurant chains like HootersChili's, Dave & Buster'sApplebee's, Twin Peaks, etc, all seem to be doing ok.

In fact, a new Hooter's just opened in far east El Paso.

Glimpse Inside El Paso''s New Hooters

Glimpse Inside El Paso's New Hooters'

Gallery Credit: Dubba G

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