Texas is a big state & when you're trying to send something to your mom, dad, or your friend that lives across the state, sometimes you need to send it through the mail. But before you go to down to your local post office, you need to know what you CAN'T mail, because there are many things that you can't.


What you can send in the mail in Texas

Now of course if you're trying to send a postcard/envelope and all that's inside is a card or a piece of paper, that's fine. You can do that. You can also send a package of clothing, blankets, pillows, stuffed animals...stuff that you know is safe, that's fine. But... what about the things that you CAN'T send in the mail?

Well the U.S. Postal Service & UPS are two of the biggest mailing companies in the world, with several locations across Texas. You can find UPS's list here & the USPS list hereEach of them have their own separate rules on what they can ship (but under very certain circumstance) or flat out will say no. And certain items you can ONLY send through the USPS; for example, if you want to send cremated remains of someone you know or a pet, then you can ONLY do it through the United States Postal Service.

Each lists were pretty big but we took the liberty of listing 25 items that are either prohibited or restricted (meaning you COULD ship it but you need to follow certain guidelines first).

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