Jaden Smith has dropped a new version of the Kid Cudi track 'Higher Up' that features his own rhymes over the instrumental track from Cudi's 2009 song.

A gentle piano line rolls over a chilled-out R&B beat as Smith, now 14, raps new lyrics. His super-deep voice is miles away from what his vocals sounded like just two years ago when he made a cameo on Justin Bieber's 'Never Say Never.' Smith says, "I'm just a kid who's not really a kid." Later he adds, "I’m different, dawg, I wear dresses / I’m not upset / You don’t mess with my style cause this stuff’s aggressive."

Although Kid Cudi gets featured artist status, this song is all about Jaden. Cudi's contribution consists of one line, which gets repeated as the hook: "Who's all ready to go higher up?" The piano sample that carries the song first appeared on 'Imagine,' a 2006 track by Snoop Dogg featuring Dr. Dre and D'Angelo, before Cudi sampled it on his recording of 'Higher Up.'

Cudi previously said that Jaden will be a featured artist on his next album, 'Indicud,' which is slated for a 2013 release, but this is probably not the collaboration he was talking about. Look for some new music from these two next year when that album drops.

Smith has yet to release an official album, but in October he dropped a mixtape called 'The Cool Cafe' that included a cover of Foster the People's 'Pumped Up Kicks.'