Jennifer Nettles and J Rome once again took the stage on tonight’s episode (May 31) of ‘Duets‘ to perform ‘You’re the One That I Want,’ only one of the most recognizable duets known to music fans. The Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta duet from ‘Grease’ was a “big risk, big reward” moment, since it’s a song from a musical that could cheese out … and quick.

Nettles was a strategist, though. She chose the song since it was different and out-of-the-box. Rome proved that he has a powerful voice last week and it was time to switch things up. It was also only the second upbeat song of the night, which was full of slow ballads. Nettles insisted she had faith in Rome and he, in turn, felt confident tackling the song.

Nettles, wearing leather leggings in a modern update of Sandy’s outfit in ‘Grease,’ and Rome, cloaked in a varsity jacket, were having a good time, not to mention the fact that Rome added some fills to the song. They were dancing, flirting and being super playful. It really could have gone the cheesy route, but Nettles and Rome kept it light and sassy, which sent him to the top of the leader board.

Rome’s addition to the final note was spot on. He has emerged as the most polished of the amateurs with just two episodes of the show under his belt.

It was our favorite performance of the night.

Last week, we found out J Rome has a killer voice. This week, we found out that he is a performer, with one helluva a pelvic thrust and quite impressive stage presence.

Watch J Rome + Jennifer Nettles Perform ‘You’re the One That I Want’

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