It was another good week for both of Jennifer Nettles’ duets partners on ‘Duets.’ J. Rome and John Glosson ended up in the first and second spots on the charts after two very strong performances. Nettles’ partners have dominated throughout the show and continued to do so tonight.

It’s been clear from the beginning of the show that Nettles knows how to pick ‘em. Her contestants have stayed high in the show’s chart every week and have continued to impress the judges with their performances. But, soon it will be America’s turn to vote and they’ll have a new set of judges to please.

Nettles and Glosson opened the show with a safe choice of  Celine Dion‘s ‘My Heart Will Go On’ from ‘Titanic.’ They wanted to go back to the basics and focus on letting Glosson use his voice after he received negative comments about his movements on stage. The choice was a good one, because the performance had Robin Thicke, who had bad things to say about Glosson last week, on his feet at the end.

Kelly Clarkson liked that Glosson chose to sing a female song with his male voice. She liked how his sound made the song his own. Thicke said he couldn’t help but stand up at the end. He also complimented the pair saying, “You looked like you’ve been singing together for 10 years. I wish I could think of anything negative to say.” John Legend felt the performance was “really beautiful.”

He ended up in the top spot until J. Rome performed and knocked it out of the park with Whitney Houston’s ‘I Will Always Love You’ from ‘The Bodyguard.’ Both Nettles and Rome had concerns about the song. Rome said of his past success, “My place in the chart means nothing because if I screw up, I could be in the bottom.” Nettles said, “There are huge shoes to fill. It’s go big or go home. That’s what this show is about. It’s performing at the top of your ability.”

That’s exactly what Rome did. He sang Houston’s iconic song like no male should be able to sing it. After his performance he said with relief and pride, “I hit the note!” He hit the note right over the left field wall. Kelly Clarkson was so excited to tell Rome what she thought of the performance that she raised her hand so she could speak first.

She had the urge to throw clothing on stage, she enjoyed the performance so much. She said, “You are so good, J. Rome. You are so good.” She then confirmed that Rome definitely had nothing to worry about with the high note. Thicke said there was a reason Rome has been No. 1 throughout the show. “You’ve got the voice. You’ve got the look. I think you’re an amazing performer. Your career is unstoppable right now.” Legend said simply, “That performance was beautiful. It was really awesome. Well done.”

J. Rome blasted into first place to continue his streak on the top. And with Glosson in second place, Nettles continued her streak at the top. She hasn’t had to watch her partners sing for their lives, but the game changes next week with only five contestants left and America’s votes, so she may have to start worrying.

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