Superstar Jeopardy! contestant James Holzhauer has brought the long-running game show to more eyes than usual recently, thanks to his record-breaking winning streak. To go with that increased visibility, former contestants are spilling the beans on some arcane Jeopardy! knowledge, including that fact that both $69 and $666 are among wagers seemingly banned from being placed on the Alex Trebek-hosted quiz show.

Indeed, former Jeopardy! champ Ken Jennings took to Twitter last week to confirm the former forbidden sum. As reported by Consequence of Sound, Jennings got the ball rolling by asserting that his "small, sensible Jeopardy wagers" — wagers Holzhauer's also proven to be adept at — "helped the show with its prize budget." But it looks like there's one small wager that current players can't plop down, for any reason.

When a viewer commented that they "like how [he] wagered $69 on every" Final Jeopardy round, Jennings replied that the eye-winking total is now "officially forbidden" on the game show, thanks to his overuse. See the tweet below.

But that's not all. As apparently revealed by other former contestants and avid viewers on the Jeopardy! Reddit page, the devil's number is also prohibited on the show. That's right, bets of $666 are seemingly off limits on Jeopardy!

Don't think those amounts are the only sums restricted, however. It's also reported that three numbers associated with neo-Nazi propaganda ($14, $88, and $1488) are similarly unavailable as gambles on the game show.

It's the latest we're learning of the program whose veteran host first revealed his cancer diagnosis last month. But we doubt another Jeopardy! contestant will confuse Panic! at the Disco with Fall Out Boy.

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