One of Jimmy Fallon's first big moments on The Tonight Show was a performance called "Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing," with the Fresh Prince himself, Will Smith.

The video is almost three minutes long and features the pair of talented actors playing off each other while showing us some classic hip-hop dance moves. They begin with the Cabbage Patch, the Running Man, the Robot and the Pop and Lock. These are all fairly recognizable dance moves that definitely hold a place in the annals of dance history.

Then they get into some weirder moves, such as the "Steal the Face (Then Swallow It and Throw It Back Up)," followed by some goofier steps like the Kid 'N Play, which requires the both of them to kick each other's right feet a few times, "hook" them together and then switch sides while hopping on one foot. It's all poetry in motion, really.

Things start to get funnier as the two men, decked in '90s-flavored overalls and loud shirts, attempt to do the "Leg Thing No One Can Do," but decide that it's better to just refrain from trying to pull it off. As they approach the modern age of hip-hop, the dances get faster and goofier. If you've ever wanted to see both Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith spank the air, then now's your chance. Just a tip from us: wait until you see Jimmy Fallon start to twerk. It's gold.

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