'Safe Haven' actress Julianne Hough and media mogul Ryan Seacrest have been an item for some time now, so it only makes sense that he'd give her some fancy jewelry. What doesn't make sense is that she'd leave it in her car like it's a rolling Tiffany display case.

But that's what she did. And now? Well, now someone else has some shiny new baubles.

TMZ reports Hough was visiting a friend's apartment on Friday when her Mercedes was broken into and three very expensive tokens of Ryan's affection were nabbed, including a $50,000 watch.

In all, the thief made off with 100 large worth of jewelry in the heist. Even worse, there were no visible signs of forced entry, suggesting she may have accidentally left the doors unlocked.

Guys, I drive a 2007 Buick Lucerne. The only things in there are old White Castle cartons I haven't gotten around to throwing away, and somehow I still manage to lock my doors.

But in fairness, maybe Julianne was just preoccupied with recovering from the root canal she had a day prior, because she tweeted this:

The moral? Diamonds aren't forever, nor are teeth. And cars don't protect either one of them.

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