According to the City of Victoria website, "the City of Victoria will disinfect our water using chlorine rather than chloramines starting Wednesday, July 1, for a period of approximately one month.

This temporary change will improve water quality and does not carry any health risks.

There is an interesting article from the CDC that explains the differences between chlorine and chloramines that w'eve included here. "To prevent contamination with germs, water companies add a disinfectant—usually either chlorine or choramines that kills disease-causing germs such as salmonella."

The City of Victoria website continues,  "Residents will likely not notice any difference in their water, although some changes in taste and odor are possible.

Dialysis patients may need to change their pre-treatment schemes for their dialysis machines during this period, and anyone conditioning water for fish or aquariums may need to change their pre-treatment processes as well. The City will resume disinfecting water using chloramines after one month."

The City of Victoria wants you to know that residents will be notified in advance of the change again at the end of the month.

If you have questions or would like more information,  please contact Public Works at 361-485-3380 or contact the Surface Water Treatment Plant at 361-485-3416.

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