Justin Bieber sure has a lot of famous friends, but his inner circle is comprised of hometown homies, including BFF Ryan Butler, who was hooked up with a new car from the singer on Christmas.

The Biebs made his buddy’s wish come true by gifting him with a sweet white Mustang convertible. “Justin got me a present. #swag!!!” Butler wrote on his Twitter page.

On Monday, Butler tweeted about his holiday once again, undoubtedly referring to Bieber in his heartfelt sentiment. “Had a great Christmas!” he added. “I’m #thankful to have such amazing family & friends. #love.”

It’s no secret that the Stratford, Ontario resident is JB’s best bud, which is why his 656,000-plus followers shouldn’t be surprised by the fresh set of wheels from the singer. The two teens grew up together, and Butler’s parents even acted as parental figures for the star during his younger years.

This isn’t the first time the ‘Mistletoe’ singer has shown his generosity. According to the Daily Mail, Bieber gave his girlfriend, Selena Gomez, a $47,000 Chanel watch when she was recovering from exhaustion in July.

It’s good to be a friend of Bieber’s! As for the Canadian star’s own holiday, it seems he was content with simply hanging out with his brother and sister. He wrote on Christmas Eve: “Spending time with family – feels really good.”

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