Justin Bieber may be in big trouble. While the 'Believe' singer may think egging is just a harmless prank, but prosecutors think it's much more serious -- and he may be charged with a felony.

TMZ reports that Los Angeles County sheriff's detectives want to charge Bieber with a felony for egging his neighbor's house. Two detectives reportedly met with Bieber's neighbor, and they may well be able to nail him, because they have both video and physical evidence against the singer. Detectives asked Bieber's neighbor for damage reports by Monday to continue with their investigation.

The site notes that the detectives are pretty confident that the damage will amount to a felony, which would mean it costs over $400 to repair. And the neighbor's house had pricey Venetian plaster, fancy doors and other items need to either be repaired or replaced, reportedly amounting to over $10,000 worth of damage.

If it seems like the sheriff's deputies have it out for Biebs, it's because they do. TMZ says that they're tired of Bieber breaking the law and escaping scott-free, and since now they finally have enough evidence to prosecute him, they're going at him full force.

A word to the wise: Don't egg mansions. Ever.

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