Justin Bieber’s cat, Sushi, has been found.

The “Yummy” singer’s feline was found by celebrity chef Sandra Lee three weeks after he went missing. The 53-year-old shared a Facebook post on Friday (March 6) about the discovery of Sushi.

Lee shared that she had found Sushi in her backyard on Thursday (March 5) with her best friend. "The cat almost darted away, then all of a sudden it was all over us, so very thin, very emaciated but so sweet," she wrote alongside a picture of the cat. "And it was so beautiful … I was thinking...That is not an ordinary cat."

"He was starving, cold, scared, exhausted and stuck with porcupine quills, but he was happy and excited all at the same time," she continued. Sushi ended up eating three cans of tuna and a bowl of milk after being found. Lee and Sushi ended up snuggling on the couch and shortly after, she called the phone number on his collar. To their surprise, Bieber was on the other end of the phone.

"I thought the young man on the other end of the phone was going to either burst out in shrieks of joy or burst out in tears; he was so happy, shocked and stunned... still I [had] no idea who it was," she admitted.

Bieber came forty minutes later to retrieve his beloved pet. Meanwhile, Lee also fell in love with Sushi.

"I can't even imagine what Sushi's three weeks of hell running up and down Beverly Hills mountains... There are so many wild animals in the canyon and I cannot believe he survived," she shared. "So now I am Aunt Sandy to Bieber's baby lynx of a cat," Lee concluded.

Bieber also shared a post on Instagram welcoming his baby home. "Almost a month ago, my pal Sushi decided to run away ... after weeks passing by Hailey and I began to lose hope that our baby was gone," he wrote.

"He looks extremely skinny and has a very sad [meow, but] he is home now safe and sound! Thank you God for protecting him," he concluded.

See the posts, below.


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