Whether you like Justin Bieber for his singing or not, you should check out the movie "Justin Bieber Never Say Never". I took my son and his friend Makenna to go see it yesterday. Both of the kids never moved during the entire movie their eyes were glued to the screen. I have to admit I was impressed.

The movie was very inspirational and heart warming. The bond he has with his grandfather is precious and you don’t see that much these days. You can see throughout the movie that Justin really respects him. When Justin was little and he'd have a bad day at school, his grandfather was the first person he would go to.

I was surprised at the support system he has, it's unbelievable. He has from Scooter Braun to Mama Jan to Scrappy to Usher. The team he has is like family and you can tell they truly care about Justin and his career. His support team at every show picks one girl out of the audience for Justin to serenade. You can only imagine the happiness this must bring to the girl that is choosen at each concert.

One of my friends Shannon Cantwell said she took her daughter to see it and ended up really liking it and admires Justin for the hard work he's done to get where he is. He's a really good kid with a great support system.

Another friend Tracy Sommer said she agrees with Shannon. It's basically a concert with a documentary intertwined with it. He's such a cutie and good hearted kid! Her two girls absolutely loved it! Bieber Fever is stronger than ever in my house! So, if you visit the Sommer's house in the next few days, wehope you like Bieber music.