Just surfin’ like a beast. That’s what Justin Bieber is doing in this photo the left.

The hard-bodied singer shed his shirt in order to catch some waves. It looks like some sort of simulated and controlled surfing — it’s not like he’s out catching waves on the open ocean, as you can tell by the makeshift set up. Still, it sure looks like a lot of fun. And just look at that balance. No wipeouts here.

That said, The Biebs, who shared this image via his heavily trafficked Twitter feed, sure looks fit in his blue board shorts, showing of his calf tattoo.

The Biebs has been dancing his butt off during live TV performances, so he is in fighting (or is that surfing?) shape.

You checking out his fit physique, Beliebers? This image is certainly worthy of being blown up to lifesized proportions, framed and hung on your bedroom walls.

It’s a good thing the ‘Boyfriend’ singer is engaging in a fun, physical activity like surfing here, since he was just slapped with a $9 million lawsuit by a Belieber’s mom who claimed she damaged her hearing at one of his shows. He is still just an 18-year-old kid, remember!

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