Justin Bieber is not a happy camper, and it’s not difficult to understand why. A mobile app called Joustin’ Beaver has caused the 17-year-old star and his team to file a cease-and-desist letter to its maker.

The app depicts a cartoon beaver character with Justin’s likeness, floating down a river where he’s signing as many “Otter-graphs” as he can. However, “Phot-Hogs” are trying to get the best of him, so users need to help the “international superstar” throw them in the river with his lance — hence, the whole jousting reference.

Since the Beaver character looks a lot like Bieber (well, during his ‘Baby’ days anyway), the singer’s lawyers have demanded that app maker RC3 cease the production and sale of the game. According to TMZ, Justin’s legal team has also requested a copy of all revenues collected by RC3, and is asking for the app be removed from iTunes.

Meanwhile, RC3 says its product is a parody and is protected by the First Amendment. The company intends to continue to sell the app, which is priced at 99 cents and boasts a five-star user rating. Joustin’ Beaver is still currently available for purchase.